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The court has (again) rejected a request for Henk Kuiper (53) from Emmen to be released.

According to his lawyer Roy van der Wal it is time to send Kuipers home. ,, He has been detained for nine months and there is still no view on the treatment of his criminal case. ''

Also co-suspect Johan ten V. (55) remains stuck. Other co-defendants have previously been released.
The court finds that the personal interests of the two contempts do not outweigh the 'criminal interests'.

Both men – with others – are suspected of extortion and violent crimes. Kuipers, then the foreman of motor club No Surrender, was arrested in December last year. The public prosecutor stated that the substantive treatment of the case will not be before March 2019. Witnesses still need to be heard, which takes a long time. Van der Wal believes that Kuipers must be able to wait for his process in freedom.

Ten V. argued that because of his detention, the home front was in financial trouble. House eviction threatens, he said. His lawyer had requested the court to suspend detention.

Kuipers was transferred to a special ward of the Vught prison early this month after an anonymous tip that there were outbreak plans. Recently the extra safety measures were lifted and Kuipers was brought back to De Marwei in Leeuwarden. ,, I went on holiday for a while, '' he told the judges. He called the temporary transfer 'bizarre'.

Kuipers ended his membership of the motorcycle club in July. The court opened the door for a suspension at a subsequent session, in November, ajar.

Henk Kuipers back to 'normal' prison

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