House in Emmen packed to fight vermin

At the Boslaan in Emmen a house is completely wrapped with a yellow-black cloth. A pest control worker is at work there.

Neighbors say that the house is bothered by longhorn beetles. The insects are controlled by poisonous gas by the control company. First the house is completely packed. As soon as the cloth around the house is 'gas-tight', gas is introduced. The longhorn beetle is completely eradicated.

RTV Drenthe writes that the neighbors are not allowed in their garden for the time being. The gasification must be completed on Thursday. Probably the canvas will also be taken away that day.


The boktor itself is a harmless creature, but the larvae eat wood. Their voracity can cause great damage to homes with wooden structures.

It happens more often that a house is completely packed to fight vermin, but it is not common. The method is effective, but is usually only used as a last resort because of the high costs.

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