'Human errors' around fake bomb on defense site Oldebroek

Defense regrets that program maker Alberto Stegeman has been able to walk undisturbed on the military site in Oldebroek. She reports this in response to the TV program 'Undercover in the Netherlands' that was shown on SBS6 on Friday evening. Stegeman could have gone his way through 'human errors'.

On August 21, a big alarm was sounded on the defense site in Oldebroek. TV maker Stegeman showed on Friday evening in the broadcast of Undercover in the Netherlands why. He had left a suspicious package there, which later turned out to be a fake bomb. Stegeman did this without a legitimation check and, although disguised, was dressed as a citizen.

Defense says: 'It is clear that existing safety procedures have not been implemented correctly. All visitors to a Defense location must be registered, registered by the surveillance and provided with a visitor's pass. Anyone who is on a defense site must always wear a Defense or visitor pass visibly. Persons who do not do this must be contacted immediately and, in case of doubt, transferred to the surveillance. '

TV maker shot security earlier

'Stegeman already showed in the past that the access security was not in order', the statement continues on the website of Defense. 'These shortcomings have been addressed. The evening broadcast shows that it concerns human errors. They can never be completely excluded, but they are evil. '

The personnel has been reminded of the applicable access procedures. Employees must call each other if a visitor's pass is not visible. Furthermore, the army summit announces internal controls on compliance with safety procedures.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) reported that the investigation into the suspicious package at the army base in Oldebroek continues. "The broadcast does not detract from the research. We investigate whether what happened is criminally punishable. It does not have to be that way, there is nothing concrete to say about it now ', said a spokesperson for the Public Prosecution Service.

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