Jos B. was given a probationary period after fornication

Proudly, the police and judiciary presented the DNA match on Wednesday in the case of Nicky Verstappen, the 11-year-old boy who was found dead in August 1998 at Brunssum. The suspect Jos B. was still to be found, but this evidence already gave a lot of clarity.

Meanwhile, more and more questions arise about the course of the research. And about the constant absence of ringing alarm bells about the role of 'bushcrafter' Jos B. from Simpelveld.

On Friday, journalists discovered News hour that Jos B. came into contact with the law in 1985, for committing sexual abuse with two ten-year-old boys. He was given a probation period of two years. The information is in a document that the Public Prosecution Service and the police have never been able to find, as was explained this week. The dismissal decision is located three hundred meters away from the police headquarters in Maastricht at the Regional Historic Center Limburg. "That this piece exists is also a mystery to us," said a spokesman for the police on Friday evening against NRC. "We have forwarded the document to the research team, who is looking at it now". A spokesperson for the OM in Limburg pointed out that they had destroyed all files at the time after five years. "We still can not say with 100 percent certainty that this piece is about Jos B. But all circumstances point to it." Jan Eland, chief prosecutor in Limburg for a year, said he did not want to comment on Friday evening.

Police and OM can not explain why Jos B., in view of his criminal past, has not previously been seen as a suspect in the Verstappen case. Ingrid Schäfer-Poels, chief of the Limburg police since half a year, praised during Wednesday's press conference, among other things, the attentiveness of the Marechaussee who, during the night after the discovery of Nicky's remains, guarded the site. At half past one they not only stood by the passing cyclist Jos B., but were – although they did not consider him a suspect – so alert to make an official report of that event. The report was an important indication of the acceleration in which the research hit in the past few months.

No logical explanation

But did not passer-by B. get away with his story too easily in 1998? It was warm and that is why he was still cooling down in the late hours, he explained at the time about his nocturnal visit to the crime scene. It immediately enabled him to deliver mail for the scouting. No really logical explanation. The Brunssumerheide lies between fifteen to twenty kilometers away from the then home of Jos B., Simpelveld.

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Strange is something too The Limburger Friday reported: that during a interrogation as a witness in 2001 B told himself about the lethargic issue and treatment at a Riagg.

In 2010, the DNA of 107 men was taken from the Verstappen case. B. was originally on the list, but belonged to the dropouts when the number had to be reduced. "With the science of now a missed opportunity", said the police chief Wednesday. Perhaps also with the science of that time. In the meantime, the police had already warned a scouting group in Nuth in 2002 for B., one of their leaders.

How extensive, especially in 2001, was asked about the details of the 1985 case? Police and OM say that now all the attention and energy goes to finding B. There are over a thousand tips to be sorted out.

An experienced, now retired Limburg detective says not to be surprised that there are now all sorts of indications that the investigation into the disappearance of Nicky Verstappen is not very professional. "The loss of Nicky Verstappen happened in holiday time. At that time, there was initially no manpower at all to properly sort out the matter. It was a shit research, "he says. Moreover, in the nineties, the vice squad department was phased out, says the detective. There was little expertise.

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