Jos Brech spent years with Polish scouting, but was silent about moral history

The man sought in the Nicky Verstappen case appears to have worked for years at scouting camps in Poland. Jos Brech left the Dutch scouts after his past history was leaked. Brech told in Poland nothing about the sexual abuse in which he was suspect, the Polish scouting confirms to RTL Nieuws.

At the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association they know Jos Brech as 'Joseph'. He reported himself about 15 years ago, says Anna Halatek. She is in charge of the boy scouts in the Małopolska region (Lesser Poland).

Halatek says that the boy scouts in Poland are always open to contact and exchanging experiences with boy scouts all over the world. So also 15 years ago with Jos Brech.

"Since then he has always kept in good contact with the leaders and the children of the group, he went to camp and participated in other activities as a foreign scout," says Halatek. Jos Brech has never been a member of Polish scouting. "Joseph was not an official teacher and only taught in survival and scouting techniques, always under the guidance of the staff."

Speciliast in survival techniques

In Poland, Brech was seen as a specialist in the field of survival techniques. They did not know that in the Netherlands, at the insistence of others, he had canceled his membership. "Because we had known each other for years, nobody has formally checked this and said he was a teacher in the Netherlands." Halatek says that Jos Brech lived in Krakow for about two years.

The Polish scouting club found out via Facebook that Brech was missing. In the spring someone from the Netherlands called to ask if they had seen Brech in Poland. That was not the case.

This week they heard that Jos Brech was wanted in connection with the death of Nicky Verstappen. "Our leaders in Krakow are shocked and stunned," says Halatek.

Last seen in 2017

Brech was last seen in Poland during a camp in the summer of 2017. In the fall of 2017 he received another invitation, but he turned it down. They have not had contact with him since then.

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Halatek says she has no idea where Brech is currently. "We do not think Brech is staying in Poland at the moment, nor did he try to contact one of our boy scouts, and we advise all our members to report any attempt to contact the police."

Next Monday they have an appointment in Poland with the police to discuss the Verstappen case.

'Jos Brech has a plan to lead everyone around the garden'

According to Erik van 't Padje, known from Jos, Jos is able to lead everyone around the garden.

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