"Jos Brech will have to get out of that forest once?"

How do you find someone who does not want to be found? In other words: where does Jos Brech, the 55-year-old suspect in the investigation into the death of Nicky Verstappen, hide?

Man is looking for him, he is on the international search list and since yesterday the public has been involved in the search. More than 200 tips were received within 24 hours. People say that they have seen him "in all kinds of countries".

"Time is the most important factor at the moment," says detection expert Marcel van de Ven. "That man is trained to stay away, he knows what he is doing very well, but how long does he keep it up?" I do not know how much food he has and how he can keep standing when the weather turns. nice test. "

New hiding place

Suspect Jos Brech left for the French Vosges in October last year. He is an experienced bushcrafter and, according to experts, can survive for a long time in nature. Mark Burg, wilderness guide and bushcrafte expert, thinks that Brech can sit anywhere. "The fact is that no matter which nature reserve you go to, you always meet someone."

You can not stay in one place indefinitely, at a certain point the food gets there and you have to look for another place, Burg explains. "But if you have to find a new shelter, chances are that you have to cross a path, for example, and be seen there by other people."

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