Journalist Alberto Stegeman could enter army base due to human error NOW

'' The Friday night broadcast shows that it is human error. These can never be entirely ruled out, but they are evil, "according to the Ministry of Defense.

Stegeman announced Thursday that the program Undercover in the Netherlands managed to get a military place in Oldebroek. In the end, the program succeeded in leaving a fake bomb in the dining room.

It showed how an employee of the program, who presented himself as a soldier, can enter the site via an internal military transport service. Without being visibly wearing a defense or access pass.

Defense says that staff have been informed of the procedures. "We will investigate the case and take additional measures where necessary."

In 2008, Stegeman caused a fuss by penetrating Woensdrecht military airfield and getting close to the fighter planes. At the barracks in Havelte he even managed to drive off the site with an army vehicle. He also knew, dressed in camouflage clothing, to enter the military base Oirschot.

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