Judgment on murder of passerby Amsterdam De Clercqstraat | Interior

Innocent passerby El Kahtaoui (25) stepped out of his car on De Clercqstraat in Amsterdam on 13 May 2015 while a shooting took place at a nearby shisha lounge. Also on El Kahtaoui the fire was opened, according to the OM by Quincy S. He would have shot with a Kalashnikov. Bullets from that weapon also pierced a passing tram; no one was injured.

A DNA track led the detective to S. He was arrested in his cell at the beginning of this year, where he was in custody at the time in connection with an attack on the life of the Amsterdam criminal Mustafa el J., which was foiled last year. also for that fact. The Public Prosecution Service has demanded ten-year prison sentences against three co-suspects in that case.

The Public Prosecutor has described S. as "a man without norms and values".

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