KNRM saves 11 Danes, sailing ship sunk at Zandvoort

Off the coast of Zandvoort, the eleven passengers on a Danish sailing yacht were rescued by the KNRM. The sailing yacht of 24 meters, named Svartloga, has sunk. The yacht was turned by a gust of wind, the skipper told the KNRM.

The Danes, who are between 20 and 60 years old, were on a liferaft of the yacht 10 kilometers off the coast. In the rescue helicopter and on ships en route to IJmuiden they were examined by a doctor.

They make up for conditions and are now in the crew center of the Royal Dutch Rescue Company in IJmuiden.

Warmer clothes

"They have showered now wearing our summer overalls, getting food and warmer clothes," says a spokesman. The group was on its way from Den Helder to the Belgian Zeebrugge.

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