Lie out of your front yard; cows on the move

You look a bit strange when you hear shouting from your front yard, especially if you live in a city. At eight o'clock in the morning, the alarm clock did not go this morning, but the cow in Breda. Seven cows had broken out and enjoyed themselves perfectly in the Overkroetenlaan.

 Lie out of your front yard; cows walking

Cows on the ramp / Paul Buijs

Tour of ten kilometers

Cows on the driveway, cows with the clickos and cows in the front yard, Omroep Brabant writes about the incident. The animals came from a farm in Made and had escaped after the wire had been released from the fence. The cows had an impressive trip of ten kilometers, before they ended up in the Overkroetenlaan.


Damage is fortunate: some plants have had to believe, here and there is a real cow pie to find and a single car is undergoing. Neighborhood resident Paul Buijs: "They were friendly cows, they only left a few pies."

 Lying out of your front yard, cows walking

Cows in the street / Paul Buijs

Meanwhile, there is the adventure come to an end and all the cows are back home in the pasture.

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