Lili and Howick beg for Rutte, Harbers and royal couple

In a handwritten letter, the 12-year-old Lili and her brother Howick (13) beg one last time not to be deported and to return their mother to the Netherlands. The letter was written to State Secretary Mark Harbers, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the royal couple.

Angry and sad

"We are terrified because we do not know where we end up," the brother and sister write in their letter.On Friday last week, Lili and Howick heard that they should return to their homeland Armenia on Saturday, September 8. But the two children have been living for ten years. The Netherlands and have, as they write, all their friends and girlfriends here AD published.

Lili and Howick are very angry and sad about the decision of the Council of State. The Supreme Administrative Court ruled that the teens in Armenia are not at risk of persecution or serious harm caused by inhuman treatment. But according to the children's lawyer, nothing has been arranged yet. They do not have a home and they are not registered at a school.

A lot of support

The two children now receive support from all sides. Twelve relief organizations have signed a manifesto, in which they also ask the secretary of state one more time to keep the children in the Netherlands. Among others Defense for Children and Plan Netherlands have signed the manifesto.

If Lili and Howick are deported, they will probably end up in an orphanage. Their mother can not take care of them because of psychological problems. Moreover, she has a small room with only one bed in it. "Please do not take us to an orphanage and bring our mother back. I hope you will listen to us. "

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