Little boy (2) died after falling from Kanaleneiland flat

Little boy (2) died after falling from Kanaleneiland flat

How it happened that the child fell from the flat is still unknown.

Image: AD / Michiel van Beers

The 2-year-old boy who was severely wounded on the Gasperilaan in the Utrecht district of Kanaleneiland after a four-high fall on Sunday afternoon, has passed away. That's what the police say.

Earlier the police reported that it was an accident and there are no indications for a crime.

Relief workers were present on Sunday afternoon, including a trauma helicopter. The accident attracted a lot of attention.

From a window
How it happened that the boy fell is still unknown. According to a witness, the child would have fallen from a window next to the balcony.

The police did research on the spot and deposited the spot where the child fell with red and white ribbons. The boy fell on the grass behind a hedge that stands around the apartment building.

Victim support
The child was transported to the hospital under the supervision of the police, where it died later in the afternoon. According to the police, victim support is available for witnesses and bystanders.

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