Lok not finished with Private after publication about relationship Alexander Pechtold | NOW

"I do not know how to defend myself against this, but for me it is not finished yet", said an emotional Lok Wednesday evening RTL Late Night.

She says off the record (statements not intended for publication) to have talked to a journalist from The Telegraph and never given permission for publication. Lok is also outraged that the magazine has used pictures of her children.

In the article of Privately would accuse Lok Pechtold of psychological abuse. The D66 party leader would also have forced her to an abortion. Lok did not make any statements about the statements in the magazine at the table at Twan Huys. "It's a private matter."

The 36-year old Lok said earlier Wednesday against it Dagblad van het Noorden "never the intention" to seek publicity.

"I am convinced that I have no choice but to respond as I do now, I have never had the intention to seek publicity myself, I would have done it months ago, but I must be able to defend myself."

Lok felt "forced to say goodbye to party"

In a letter to the mayor and the town council of Meppel she wrote that the relationship was broken in a "very painful way" and that she felt compelled to say goodbye to her position at the party.

Lok realizes that the resignation letter leads to even more publicity. But "I got reports from journalists that Pechtold puts me away as being unstable and disturbed, my best friend was approached by him and accused him of slander in advance if she confirmed events." The situation seemed and is untenable. "To protect my family I am forced to stop as a councilor, because of everything that has happened, I can no longer walk around with a raised head as a council member of D66. "

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