Man stops 15 eggs in the back and ends up in hospital Interior

The fifteen peeled eggs caused quite a lot of pain. Later in the evening the man got so much pain from his stomach that he went to the hospital.

One of the doctors on first aid concluded that the man had a raised heart rate and an accelerated breath. Research also showed that the man's abdominal muscles contracted randomly.

The man was subjected to a CT scan and in addition to a 'perforation in the colon' a 'large amount of air and fluid in the free abdominal cavity' became visible.

Through surgery it became clear that there was a large tear in the intestinal wall. The eggs are, according to the report in the Dutch Journal of Medicine, 'as good and as bad as it went' removed, and the abdominal cavity was rinsed.

Although the patient after the surgery for a short time on the intensive care the operation had to be successful.

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