Man uses GHB and stops 15 eggs in his anus

What GHB can not do with you: a 29-year-old Dutch man stopped 15 eggs in his anus under the influence of the hard drug. The eggs were cooked and peeled.

Stomach ache

Around midnight the man reported to the emergency room because he had severe stomach pain. Together with his partner, the man had put the eggs in his anus. Upon entering he had an increased heart rate and accelerated breathing. The man's abdominal muscles contracted randomly.

During a CT scan, the doctors saw 'perforation of the cantilever' and 'a considerable amount of air and fluid in the free abdominal cavity', on which they decided to operate the man immediately. During the operation it also appeared that there was a large crack in the intestinal wall of the man and that he had peritonitis.

"The eggs were as good and as bad as it was removed," writes the Dutch Journal of Medicine. The man stayed in the hospital for a while, but was able to return home after a few days.

Dangerous drug

The man was under the influence of GHB when he put the eggs in his anus. GHB is a hard drug and very addictive. After a few weeks of daily use someone can become addicted, writes Jellinek. The effects vary per person, but users can feel bliss and become sexually excited.

The dangerous thing about GHB is that the amount that produces pleasant effects is very close to the amounts at which negative effects can occur as unconsciousness. People can quickly take too high a dose and too high a dose of GHB can disturb the breathing and even stop.

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