Maybe new 'Polenhotel' in Westland

The municipality of Westland may still get a second hotel for labor migrants. The Zuid-Holland municipality reports this Friday. The Westland councilors were recalled Tuesday from their holidays to secretly take a decision that blocks the construction of a hotel for labor migrants.

However, an entrepreneur knew what the municipality was planning and submitted an application on Wednesday evening, while the blockade took effect Friday. This license application must now be processed. For example, the Westland plan did not work with the secret council meeting.

A spokesman for the municipality of Westland says on behalf of the municipal council that it regretted so much information from the closed council meeting. The college had agreed with the council not to publish anything until the decision came into effect on Friday. "But there is a lot more information on the street than in that publication. And more excitement means a greater chance that someone will pick it up. "

The municipality of Westland states on its website that it is generally positive in favor of facilitating labor migrants, but that it wanted to prevent that in the village of Maasdijk" disproportionate migrant workers are accommodated in relation to the local population ". A few hundred meters next to the location discussed is already Hotel Westland, which lets rooms for a long period to workers from Eastern Europe. The labor migrants should therefore be better spread over the municipality. In the current zoning plan, 2,000 labor migrants could be accommodated in the village with about 4,000 inhabitants.

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