ME surrounds 150 football supporters at Amsterdam Central station

(AT5) ME people came into action this afternoon at the Central Station in Amsterdam. 150 supporters of Willem II arrived there by train. Two platforms have been deposited.

The police report that no Willem II supporter has misbehaved.

The club from Tilburg plays in the Johan Cruijff Arena against Ajax tonight. A group of 150 supporters had come to Central Station by train. They were enclosed by ME people on the platform. This appeared to be out of precaution.

There were signs that a confrontation with Ajax fans would arise in the vicinity of CS, so Mayor Femke Halsema issued an emergency order.

Train traffic disrupted
Platforms 7 and 8 have been evacuated by the police. As a result, train traffic to and from Central Station was disrupted, because other trains had to turn out. That disruption seems to have been resolved, but the platforms are still being shut down. A platoon of ME people has surrounded the Brabanders. They are shielded by trains, but the song of the supporters can be heard throughout the station.

A spokesperson for mayor Halsema said that they leave for the Johan Cruijff Arena by train. They can attend the game tonight.

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