Missing girl last seen in city

Missing girl last seen in city

The 16-year-old Daniëlle Brigitta Neuféglise has been missing since last Saturday. She was last seen at the main station in Groningen. Camera images show that she spent two hours on a bench at the Burgerking.

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The girl was visiting her mother and had to return to an institution in Arnhem where she is staying.

The camera images show that the girl sat on the bench and then was approached by two men or boys. Then they walked away with the three of them. The men returned after two minutes, but without the girl.

Daniëlle is 1.80 tall and has dark brown hair. When she disappeared she wore blue jeans with holes and glitter. She also wore black Versace shoes and a dark blue jacket from the Canada Goose brand. The phone that she had with her is turned off.

People who have seen the girl or know more are asked to contact the police.

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