Missing Nsimire (14) from The Hague is justified

The 14-year-old girl Nsimire Massembo from The Hague who was missing since July 27 is right. The police have just reported that. She was found in good health.

The girls found the girl on Wednesday in The Hague after receiving a golden tip. For now she has been taken to the police station, where she looks at her and what she needs for further help.

The tips that came in were examined. The police kept in mind that the girl ran away and that she got help with her disappearance. The police emphasized emphatically that it was punishable to offer her accommodation. People who do that are guilty of a crime.

Last in The Hague

The police said earlier that witnesses had reported that Nsimire had seen three places in The Hague on Saturday, July 28, a day after her disappearance: at an Albert Heijn, at a music center and at a square.

Since then, every track has been missing. Technical research showed that the mobile phone from Nsimire was still active in the area around Newton Square on 2 and 4 August. It was also established that the OV chip card from Nsimire was still used on Sunday 29 July.

The Nsimire area was worried about her for over three weeks. Flyer campaigns and mass quests were used to find the girl.

In an investigation message, two Nsmire friends made an emotional call: "I hope you come back and that you are just here with us, that we can make it cozy again."

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