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The police and judicial authorities reported this during a press conference in Maastricht. Brech lived at the time of the murder of Verstappen in Simpelveld in Limburg and was 35 years old at the time. He was active in scouting and worked for several years at a playgroup.

The 11-year-old Nicky Verstappen disappeared in the night of 9 to 10 August 1998 during a summer camp on the Brunssummerheide. One day after his missing he was found dead near the camp.

Veendammer on 'most wanted list'

The 55-year-old Jos Brech is sought both nationally and internationally. For example, the European Enforcement Office has distributed a picture and information about the man. See also this link

1-on-1 dna match

According to the Public Prosecution Service, there is a 1-on-1 dna match with the accused who used the address of his sister in Veendam as the postal address. The Dutch Forensic Institute confirmed on 8 June that there was a match with items they had found from him in a chalet where Brech last stayed. Afterwards, DNA was also taken from distant relatives. These profiles also corresponded to suspicious traces found in Nicky's body.

Peter R. de Vries: 'Right now he's missing'

Crime reporter Peter R. de Vries has been involved in the case for years. He speaks on behalf of the family. That the man is now missing is difficult to digest for them, he says at the press conference. ,, Twenty years he was in the neighborhood, he could have been picked up. Right now, now that there is a match, he is missing. ''

Family DNA sheds light on 'old' murders much more often: an overview

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Berthie Verstappen, the mother of the murdered eleven-year-old boy Nicky, said during the press conference in Maastricht, she was very relieved that after twenty years a suspect is in the picture. ,, A name, face, a perpetrator, "she said.

De Vries calls everyone who knows something to report. ,, I am praying on behalf of the family that anyone who can contribute something to the detection of this man, no matter how little, reports and speaks. Make sure it is caught. For Nicky. For Peter, Berthie and Femke Verstappen '', referring to the parents and Nicky's sister.

'Can survive well in nature'

Brech was involved in so-called bushcraft trips in which people with little means survive in nature. He is missing since February 20 from a basecamp: Old Crow in the French Vosges. That is about five kilometers from Saint-Marie-aux-Mines, in the middle of the woods. Brech would be the manager of the base camp.

Many others who also do bushcrafting have been looking for the Dutchman since then. They posted videos on YouTube about the missing man.

The police report that Brech is an experienced bushcrafter. 'That makes it able to survive in nature for a longer period of time.'

Great kinship research

In an ultimate attempt by police and juvenile authorities to trace the culprit, a large kinship investigation was started earlier this year, in which thousands of men were called to give up DNA. Nearly 15,000 men responded to this in the first half of this year.

Several suspects have been arrested in recent years, but they have all been released for lack of evidence.

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Minister: discussion about compulsory donation of DNA

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