No more 'gay lists' municipalities found

For the time being, there are no indications that more municipalities maintained in the 1950s whether applicants were homosexual. Minister Ollongren of the Interior has sent a letter to the House of Representatives about this.

At the end of last year it became known that the municipality of Amsterdam in the 1950s investigated whether an applicant was gay. On the basis of the findings, the municipality drew up 'gay lists'. Those who stood on it were not eligible for a job with the municipality. Last year, the city archives in Amsterdam expressed the suspicion that such lists can also be found in other municipalities.

The government then announced an investigation. Ollongren now writes to the House that 46 large and medium-sized municipalities were asked whether they had found such lists, files or reports in the period 1945-1971. 25 municipalities responded and they all replied that they did not find such lists or references to them.

After this initial research, Ollongren and her colleague Van Engelshoven (Emancipation) also have an "independent, in-depth scientific, historical research". This should reveal whether and to what extent governments as employers differentiate between the recruitment, promotion and dismissal of personnel on the grounds of sexual orientation. The research must be finished next summer.

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