No police present at 'quietest edition Decibel Outdoor ever' Interior

"It's a very smooth and quiet edition", says Palmen. On Saturday, the most important day of the three-day festival, about fifty thousand people attended the event. As usual, private security officers searched the visitors upon arrival and checked their bags. "The only thing that is different is that the police do not supervise or this happens correctly." The municipality has taken over that role.

Drugs confiscated

Drugs were found at seventeen people. They were confiscated and people were denied access. There was also a small fight. "Pull a little and push at the shuttle bus", according to the mayor

According to Palmen, it will be examined whether next year without police again. "We have to pay attention to the circumstances, because with 24 degrees people are less busy than with 34 degrees. And we also had seventy thousand visitors. But we have now seen that it is possible. "

According to the police, three hundred agents were deployed and there were a few dozen arrests, especially for drug possession.

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