No political research into the state of affairs surrounding suicide Willie Dille

The self-chosen end of Dille still evokes many emotions and questions from many. Dille placed a movie two days before her death on Facebook in which she said she was abducted and raped by a group of Muslims on 15 March 2017. After she tipped Omroep West about the video herself, she also removed it. After her death, mayor Krikke told her that she had urged Dille several times to file a report. That never happened.

Have the police, the judiciary and the municipality acted properly?

Opposition parties CDA, PvdA, HSP, SP and NIDA believe that an investigation should be made. Council member Danielle Koster of the CDA already indicated that she wants to know whether the police, the judiciary and the municipality have acted well. Party leader Martijn Balster of the PvdA wants an investigation to find out what happened. 'It also affects the board as a whole.'

The obvious questions in an investigation are whether Dille has received sufficient security after she told Mayor Krikke last year about the alleged abduction and rape. Dille himself said in the emotional facebook movie 'that Krikke and the police have failed'.

There are so many questions?

NIDA council member Cemil Yilmaz joins the desire for a broad investigation: 'So many questions have arisen about what happened. In the context of transparency and trust, it is very important that it is clear under which circumstances Dille committed suicide, what happened and what role the police and mayor played. '

The PVV, Dilles's own party, says later with a response to the state of affairs and the role of the police and mayor Krikke. The party thinks that other opposition parties talk for their turn with their wish for an investigation. "I had found the choice if other parties had been more reserved with the shouting of murder and fire. And left the initiative with us. "

Role of PvdE council member Arnoud van Doorn

Another issue that could be included in an investigation is the role of PvdE council member Arnoud van Doorn, who according to Dille would be behind her abduction and rape. Such an accusation can not just stay above the market, according to the parties. "At the moment his name has been thrown away. If he is innocent, it must be clear, "Yilmaz says. Van Doorn himself says 'not having problems with an investigation.'

The big question is what a council investigation could bring to clarity. Willie Dille did not file a report and the Public Prosecution Service is not going to do any investigations, partly because Dille refused to give information.

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