Opinion poll Maurice de Hond: PVV gradually rises again.

After 4 weeks we see some changes again for the first time: GroenLinks falls back from 18 to 16 seats after two months. The PVV has been rising gradually since August, now to 19 seats. While the PVV goes up, FvD drops slightly.

The PvdA now stands at 15 seats (+1) and with that in 4th place. With the coalition, D66 rises 1 seat (10) and ChristenUnie drops 1 (5).

This week's report (pdf) contains overviews of voting in the past and the chance of voting in the future. This shows again the great degree of fragmentation of the Dutch electoral landscape as well as the high degree of volatility.

With regard to the bankruptcy of the two hospitals, it is stated that it is felt that the government should have either made sure that the hospitals remained open (in particular SP, PVV and 50PLUS voters) or that the closure should have been much more gradual.

More than half is for holding the Formula 1 Grand Prix in the Netherlands, but only 14 percent think that the government should spend 20 to 30 million on it.

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