Otto denies money laundering: money was working capital Interior

According to the Public Prosecution Service, the founder of motor club No Surrender was guilty of laundering criminal money. In the investigation, the police encountered at least forty suspicious transactions. A so-called cash setup was made, which showed that more money was spent at the Otto companies than there was.

There were fictional loans to conceal the true origin of the money, the Public Prosecutor concluded.

Just like the ill-treatments, threats and extortion he is suspected of, Otto also denies having laundered criminal money. According to him, the Public Prosecutor does not understand the car trade. "I was born in a car. I can tell everything about cars ", says Otto. According to him, the loans were not fictional, but came from people who received a higher interest from him than from the bank. "And they knew that I would pay them back nicely."

He used the money as working capital, Otto explained. If a loan had to be repaid, he could buy fewer cars. It was that simple.

Big money amounts

What did he always need for the large sums of money, the OM asked? Otto: "For a car company, one and a half tons, or two tons, is not a lot of money. You can do little with that. Almost nothing."

At the beginning of the session, one of the men who would have tortured Otto, extorted and threatened with a carving knife, made his appearance in the room. Danny van der G. demands compensation of almost 274,000 euros. He says he could not work for four months due to the heavy abuse. As a result, and because of extortion, he was missing out on sales.

Our reporter Saskia Belleman is present at the shop and Twittert live along with it:

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