Owner Fort Oranje promises reward of 20,000 euros for whistleblowers

ZUNDERT – Fort Oranje in Rijsbergen has awarded a reward of up to 20,000 euros for information about, for example, the project plans that were made to close and clean up the campsite. Owner Cees Engel is also looking for evidence for his suspicions about the protection of the government by the court in Breda.

According to Fort Oranje, there was a meeting with police officers, judges, mayors, public prosecutors and lawyers shortly before the camp closed. Engel suspects that this meeting had an influence on lawsuits that Fort Oranje had on this. "It's about millions, big interests, the court is no longer independent", Engel tells Omroep Brabant.

Angel now hopes that someone will come forward with information. Who does not have to be that, he does not know yet. "It can be very unexpected, of course, as soon as someone logs in, we will discuss whether that person wants to come out with the information, or anonymously."

In a call that was published on Saturday, it says: 'We are looking for whistleblowers who have information and evidence about the influence of the courts'.

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Fort Oranje also tries to get more information via the official road. On Monday the court in Breda will deal with Engel's request to hear the mayor of Zundert about the eviction of the campsite last year.

Engel thinks that the action of the municipality is meant to finance him financially. According to him, the damage in the millions. He wants to hold the municipality responsible for this. "I want compensation, but this is also a matter of general familiarity with this kind of institutions that turn their backs on democracy." Agents can catch good thieves, but who is actually the bad guy? "

Court cases
The municipality of Zundert took over the management of Fort Oranje last year in order to vacate the camp site due to the poor conditions of the residents. Fort Oranje was finally closed in mid-2017. Since then, there are lawsuits. Engel had to justify himself two months ago in court for a visit to the camp site, the entrance had already been denied him at the time. That case led to Angel waging the court.

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In July, the District Court of Breda spoke about the closure of the campsite and the associated costs. The amount that Angel had to cough up amounted to about 5.3 million. This was later achieved by the municipality half a million.

Publication: Saturday, August 25, 2018 – 13:39
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