Police: dance party Decibel 'not so quiet' | Interior

Unlike in previous years, no police are present at the event this weekend because it is taking action. The non-arrested reports include drug trafficking and use, says Van de Kamp. He does not yet know how many reports are involved. According to the ACP-chairman, this is being watched Monday, as the event is also taking place on Sunday evening.

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No police at 'quietest edition Decibel Outdoor ever'

Mayor of Hilvarenbeek Ryan Palmen said at night from Saturday to Sunday that the festival runs smoothly. When it comes to disturbances and people who have been removed from the site, it is the quietest edition since the festival was held for the first time in 2006.

"We are less euphoric than the mayor", the police unions responded Twitter. "We look at it differently," says Van de Kamp. "We have enough reports and information that there is more to it than is suggested by the mayor," says the ACP-chairman.

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