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Henk Kuipers, ex-captain of No Surrender, has been transferred to the Extra Secure Equipment (EBI) in Vught. The transfer is a response to a tip that had come to the police that there would be a risk of a flight.

This confirms his lawyer Roy van der Wal to crime-blog Crimesite.

According to the lawyer, Kuipers was transferred from the De Marwei prison in Leeuwarden to the EBI in Vught on Friday. He would be held there in complete restrictions; he may only have contact with his lawyer.


Van der Wal says to Crimesite that he was surprised about the transfer: "Client Kuipers was indeed temporarily transferred to the EBI in Vught. I understand that an MMA report (Meld Misdaad Anoniem) has been received by the police indicating that there would be a risk of a flight. And that on the basis of a single tip. "

'Model prisoner'

According to the lawyer, Kuipers was a 'model prisoner' in recent months. "Last Wednesday I visited the client and we discussed the suspension request that will be dealt with by the court in two weeks. In the PI Leeuwarden for nine months to book as a model prisoner who completely 'Green' scores, but two weeks before the session want to flee? You do not make me – certainly under these circumstances – wise and I do not think anyone who uses his healthy farming spirit! Tomorrow will be complained on behalf of the client and the related procedures will also be started. "


In two weeks there will be another interim hearing in the case against Henk Kuipers, who was arrested 12 December last year. The ex-captain of No Surrender is suspected of maltreatment, extortion, threats, theft with violence and forgery.

More than a week ago Kuipers' lawyer asked for the release of his client, but the court rejected that. Lifting the pre-trial detention was inappropriate, given the high prison sentence that Kuipers risks, according to the judges.

Lawyer Van der Wal has just responded to questions from Dagblad van het Noorden. Could something have happened in the prison in Leeuwarden, which is the reason for transfer? "Absolutely impossible and has not been asked either. Message on Crimesite with my response is correct. One report via Meld Misdaad Anoniem was received by the police. For your understanding: everyone can make an anonymous call and make a report. Why he is in all constraints in Vught, the director of the prison can also explain us. "

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