Police find farewell letter from 'desperate' trucker who drove into town hall

The police found a farewell letter from the man who yesterday with a car with two gas bottles in Bemmel drove into the town hall. Partly on the basis of this letter, the police assume that it was a one-man action. Nothing has been disclosed about the letter.

The 59-year-old truck driver from Gendt, a village in the municipality, was known to the police and mental health care.

Relatives and acquaintances of him are convinced that it was not an attack. They say he did not see a way out and wanted to die.

Ticking time bomb

His family calls him a ticking time bomb against Omroep Gelderland. A female family member says: "The problem with confused persons: they are adults and one can only legally intervene if someone is a danger to themselves and others."

The family is shocked by the violent incident, but, says the woman: "He never did anything against others, it was always desperation, where he tried to take his own life, and the entry into the town hall was focused on himself."

View images of shortly after the incident below:

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