Police fines ghost drivers who turn to A13 and A8 to avoid traffic jams | NOW

The ghost drivers on the A8 saw on the night from Saturday to Sunday that a large row of cars was waiting for the Coentunnel. They did not want to stand still and decided to drive the ramp at Oostzaan in the opposite direction.

The police knew the ghost drivers according to regional broadcasting NH to deal with because other drivers reported traffic offenders in traffic jams.

It is unclear how many drivers had already avoided the traffic jam in this way before the police could start posting at the exit.

According to AT5 the offenders can face a fine of 640 euros. "We may stop, but these are really bogus violations", an agent reports the local channel.

Also on Saturday, cars turned on A13 due to traffic jams

It was the second time this weekend that impatient motorists decided to go wrong to avoid traffic jams. Dozens of motorists who landed in a traffic jam on the A13 from The Hague to Rotterdam on Saturday afternoon, turned their cars and drove back in the opposite direction over the emergency lane to the exit.

The filemijders also blocked an oncoming ambulance with flashing light. According to Rijkswaterstaat's spokesperson, some road users went so far as to open a so-called emergency disaster barrier with their own hands.

These ghost drivers will soon be facing a hefty ticket, the National Unit reported Sunday on Twitter.

Minister strongly condemns 'bizarre' cowardice behavior

In a message on Twitter, traffic minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen called it "bizarre" that drivers turn on the highway when they are in a traffic jam. "This is how you put emergency services and yourself at risk," she wrote in response to the incident on the A13.

Turning on the road to get out of traffic jams has been more common lately. In mid-July about fifty drivers did it at the Leidsche Rijntunnel in Utrecht. A week later that happened again. The police issued hefty fines.

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