Police keep four men after bomb alert at station Tilburg | NOW

As a result of the bomb alert, the station was already vacated as a precaution. The four suspects were on one of the platforms according to the police. Members of the arrest team assisted in the arrest.

The police sent an explosives explorer to the station to investigate whether a bomb or other explosive material was indeed present. After investigation by an explosives expert, a bag was examined, but not found explosive, the police reported.

The train traffic control of railway manager ProRail previously reported '' a suspicious situation in a train '' at the station, after which the station was evacuated .

Some people still had to be taken out of trains that were about to leave. The train traffic around the Brabant city was stopped briefly. Shortly after midnight the station and the tracks were released by the police. The NS reported that the train was back to normal at around 00.30 hours.

Outside the station were still many people waiting, among whom a large group of returning visitors to dance festival Decibel Outdoor in Hilvarenbeek and visitors to an event in Tilburg where thousands of people were present.

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