Police seeks visitors gay spots in research on murdered Drent | NOW

The police issued this call on Tuesday.

The research team has, in its own words, received a better picture of the victim's life in recent months. Hoogerbrugge would occasionally have been present at men's meeting places in the vicinity of his house in Hoogeveen.

The investigation team does not assume that his visits are directly related to his death. Yet the police would like to get in contact with men who have seen the former soldier there.

Broadcast Detection requested did not yield anything

Possible witnesses can report to Roze in Blauw, a special point of contact within the police for LGBT people. At the meeting places in Ruinen, Spier and Emmen posters with this appeal were also hung.

The 49-year-old victim was found dead in his home on December 20th. Despite repeated attention in the program Investigation Requested, several tips that came in and a reward of 15,000 euros for the golden tip, the crime so far could not be resolved.

A large search in the vicinity of his home and in the canal near his house in June did not yield anything.

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