Police unions: quite a few drug cases on Decibel

At the Decibel Outdoor festival in Hilvarenbeek, there were "quite a few drug-related cases", says a spokesman for all police unions against Omroep Brabant. In contrast to previous years, the police were largely absent from the festival. The police are campaigning for a better collective labor agreement

According to the unions, Mayor Palmen has expressed himself much too positively about the course of the festival. He spoke of the most peaceful edition ever since the start in 2016.

During Decibel Outdoor, violent incidents have also occurred, "but it has not really gotten out of hand". Various visitors to the music festival also went tripping through the use of narcotics, says the spokesman for the unions.

Against the ANP Palmen says he knows more about the local situation than the unions. "I went there on Saturday from 10.00 am to 2.30 am I had six safety meetings with the police."

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