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Frank Peters (63) was a police detective at the time. In addition, he has been with the scouting group in Heerlen for almost his entire life. In 2002, a member of the second opinion team of the police told Peters that Brech is a 'man you should not want in scouting'.

The story that Frank Peters reveals is striking because the police had Jos Brech running in 2002.

20 years out of the picture

How is it possible that someone who had previously been involved in a deposited sex offense, who had been heard twice as a witness in the Verstappen case, who wished to work with children for scouting and enrolled at daycare centers, could stay out of the picture for 20 years?

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How could Brech stay out of the picture for 20 years?

Police spokeswoman Yolanda Dols tells the newspaper that the suspect of the murder of Nicky Verstappen in 2001 reported that he was previously in the picture for a sexual offense. Partly because that case was dismissed, Brech did not become a suspect in the case.

In conversation with Frank Peters, Jos Brech said that he fell on boys between the ages of 10 and 14. Brech also said that he had committed a sexual offense in the past. Peters: "He told me that he was cycling with his photo camera and passed two boys. He had gone 'too far' when photographing, he said. I do not know what he meant by that. "

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Did Jos Brech realize that justice was on his heels?

Although Jos Brech spoke openly about various matters, he did not talk about the murder of Nicky Verstappen. Peters also could not ask about it, he says: "I was not allowed to use research information in a conversation I had as a member of the scouting party. I especially let him tell. "

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Brech treated after sex offense in 1980s

After Brech had told him to be pedophile, Frank Peters asked him to resign. That eventually happened in 2002.

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