Pool was crushed under elevator, 125,000 fine demanded against grower because all signals were turned off

BEEK AND DONK – A tomato grower in Beek and Donk has been fined 125,000 euros after an employee died in a lift shaft three years ago. According to justice, the nursery of Vereijken Logistics BV has not done everything to prevent an accident. In fact, according to the judiciary, 'it was waiting for when things would go wrong'.

It went wrong when a Polish employee downstairs was sweeping the elevator pit. The employee was crushed when the elevator suddenly came down. The tomato grower had turned off all the safety signals from the elevator because it caused many disturbances. "Nobody in the company knew exactly how the lift worked, the management did not, and certainly not the Polish employee," said the prosecutor at the hearing.

A conscious risk taken
The company is also accused of consciously taking the risk that accidents could happen by turning off all security signals. "By working in this way the grower can be blamed for the death of the employee," the officer continued.

"It is the duty of an employer to create such a safe working environment, in which the grower has not succeeded." According to justice, this accident falls into the "category of security crimes and a fine of 125,000 is appropriate." The verdict will follow in two weeks.

Publication: Monday, September 17, 2018 – 16:17
Changed: Monday, September 17, 2018 – 16:36
Author: Femke de Jong

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