Principal weed growers do not have to repay OM profits NOW

The court of Arnhem-Leeuwarden dismissed the claim on Tuesday. The 68-year-old Doede de Jong is a principled hemisphere who fights against the ban on growing weed in the Netherlands.

De Jong was prosecuted for illegal cannabis cultivation years ago. The court imposed a community service and a conditional prison sentence in 2014.

He also had to repay a presumed profit of 230,000 euros. De Jong appealed, after which the court in Leeuwarden imposed no punishment on him, while he was actually punishable.

Profit was grossly overestimated

The Public Prosecution Service tried to recover more money on appeal, more than 477,000 euros. The court now ruled that the substantiation of the amount is not right.

The police and the Public Prosecution have not sufficiently aligned their claim with the organic way of growing. Moreover, they did not investigate De Jong's assets so that they could have established illegal income.

The grower himself says that he only harvested once and that this only resulted in 'a little mess for his own use'. He speaks about 300 to 400 grams. Because other convincing evidence is missing, the judge assumes that this is correct.

Even if he did sell this amount of weed, he did not earn any golden mountains with it, according to a calculation from the court. Based on the sales price per gram that the suspect himself has mentioned, the proceeds were around 720 euros.

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