Raid Amersfoort solved after 17 years thanks to dna match | Interior

On 10 December 2001, a garage company on the Leusderweg in Amersfoort was attacked. The owner was the only one at the time in the case. A robber came in and hit the owner of the company with a kind of club on the head.

A struggle followed and the victim left a broken rib, a broken eye socket and various head wounds. The perpetrator went away without booty, writes RTV Utrecht.

In the database

The suspect had to give up his DNA because of other offenses. According to police spokesman Bernhard Jens, the suspect ended up in the database, which led to the match.

The genetic material corresponded to the DNA on a cap that the robber lost in the struggle. The suspect turns out to have been a man of Dutch descent. It would have been a junk from Utrecht. However, the man can no longer be condemned because he died shortly after ceding his DNA.

The garage owner is aware of this development and says to RTV Utrecht that it is no more than a 'curiosity' to find: "You can not do anything with it.

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