Railway trees in Nuenen close for almost eight hours due to a breakdown, zigzagging with the buggy

NUENEN – Due to problems at the railway crossing in Nuenen, a chaos started in the village on Sunday. The track trees that closed around noon closed for almost eight hours, causing people to zigzag through the trees. The accident prevention department of Prorail got off early, but the technicians employed by ASSETRail struggled to find the problem.

Zigzagging hikers, cyclists and motorists took the trail, even parents with buggies made the dangerous crossing.

One of the railway trees is at Dierenrijk, where it was very busy. Prorail staff replaced the police, traffic controllers were also deployed. Only around eight o'clock the track trees opened again. Something went wrong with the coil that regulates the sensors that register again when a train arrives. The coil has been replaced. Staff still have to adjust the bobbin, until then the trees are manually operated.

Publication: Sunday, August 26, 2018 – 22:02
Changed: Sunday, August 26, 2018 – 22:04
Author: Malini Witlox

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