Springer removed from bridge, A2 tunnels open again after hours 1Limburg

The A2 tunnels near Maastricht were closed for hours on Saturday afternoon, because a person wanted to jump from a bridge over the highway.

The police managed to get the person safely off the bridge before 6:00 PM. This person will later be transferred to the care framework.

After a final inspection of Rijkswaterstaat, the tunnels will be released again for traffic as soon as possible. It may take a while before all traffic jams around Maastricht have been resolved. View the current traffic information.

Both the A2 and the N2 tunnels at Maastricht were closed by the police and Rijkswaterstaat around 13:00 on Saturday afternoon, because a person was about to jump from a bridge at Randwyck, on the south side of the tunnels. The whole afternoon there were heavy traffic jams on the A2 in both directions. The local roads were also blocked by the traffic that was being diverted.

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The person was standing on the bridge at Randwyck station. Train traffic was also shut down due to the incident. The trains between Maastricht and Maastricht Randwyck did not run for several hours.

In safety
The person stood on the outside of the railing of the bridge and threatened to jump. The police have spent hours trying to talk this person off that idea. Something finally worked out before 18:00. The person was safely removed from the bridge.

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