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Christina Sneller, who is also pregnant, says nothing about it. "We do not know Royce like that. He can not handle other dogs, we pay attention to that during the outings. But he does not attack people, "she tells AD.

This weekend, victim De Lange was severely beaten by the dog. The beast dragged her through the room, continued to bite, while De Lange panicked her hands for the belly – to protect her unborn baby. The sister-in-law of De Lange was with the dog, owner Sneller came home later.

"Did Marissa (photo, ed.) Make a move and did Royce want to protect his territory?"

"Did Marissa (photo, ed.) Make a move and did Royce want to protect his territory?"

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The big question is: why did the Stafford do this? "Something must have happened that made Royce angry. Did Marissa make a move and Royce wanted to protect his territory? Did he want to protect my sister-in-law after shaking, who is vulnerable and with whom he has a good relationship? I do not know. Can he just talk and tell us. "

'Howling at home'

Christina says in the meantime having a hard time: she lives now with Marissa, her boyfriend is in jail and she gets vicious reactions to social media. "I would be a bad mother, because I let my daughters in such a fighting dog. It gets me too much, sitting in the evening whining on the couch, "she says. "It feels like everyone is against me. I hardly venture out and connect myself in the house. "

The dog is confiscated and undergoes a behavioral test at Utrecht University. Heel Kampen says: give a syringe. "That decision can take my friend. He is the owner, "says Christina. "Hopefully he will get through the test, discover how Royce really is and he can go back home."

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