Stolen truck with electronics drained and set on fire

The truck that was set on fire in the night from Friday to Saturday in Aarlanderveen was stolen at Schiphol last week. That says a spokesman for the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee against Omroep West. There is no trace of the perpetrators. The cargo consisted of five million euros of electronic equipment.

The truck was dumped in Aarlanderveen empty and set on fire. The license plates had been removed. Last week Tuesday afternoon, a 42-year-old driver was robbed of his truck. After the man at Schiphol loaded his truck with the electronic equipment, he was mistreated and robbed.

The driver had just loaded his car when a person approached him. He ordered him to drive the tractor-trailer combination off the site, under threat of a weapon, onto the Pelikaanweg, after which he had to stop. Here he was maltreated, tied up and put in the trunk of a car and later released in the vicinity of Schiphol. The man filed a report with the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee which, under the direction of the Public Prosecution Service North Holland, is conducting research in this case.

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