Strop Rijkswaterstaat with fast, agile boats Interior

This is what Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Public Works writes to the House of Representatives on Monday evening, following a Wob request from the Volkskrant. She announces in the letter an investigation into the causes of the mistakes that have been made. The minister also says that she was informed too late about the mistake.

The ordered small agile fast boats were mainly intended to accompany the Barend Biesheuvel, the inspection ship of the Coast Guard, during inspection and inspection at sea of ​​the Dutch fishing fleet.

The RHIBs were completed by the Arimar company and delivered in July / August 2017. The delivered boats were tested by the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (Marin). Marin has established that there is a risk that the RHIBs could fall backwards if the combination of high sailing speed and high, steep waves (such as these occur on the North Sea).

The unusable boats were offered for sale late through the Domains Service, but were not sold.

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