Suspicious murder of Caroline van Toledo is provisionally released

The man who has been detained for a year for the murder of Caroline van Toledo in 2005, will be released for the time being. He gets an anklet and can wait for the process at home.

Caroline van Toledo (35) was killed in early September 2005. She was found in the trunk of her burnt-out car in a nature reserve near Rotterdam. A fire had also been set up in her home in Oostvoorne.

DNA and explanations

The suspect was arrested in 2007 for the murder. A year later he was released because of lack of evidence. Last year he was stuck again after a new investigation.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, his DNA was on the material with which the victim was tied. Two witnesses also stated that the suspect had confessed the murder to them.

Case is late

According to the court, the suspicions are serious, but the man may still await his trial at home. The judge pointed out, among other things, that it will take a long time before the case is dealt with in substance.

The suspect reacted relieved when he heard the decision. According to RTV Rijnmond, he is going to live with his ex-girlfriend in Brielle for the time being. Except that he gets an ankle band, he must also comply with all kinds of conditions


The police believe that a second perpetrator was involved in the murder of Caroline van Toledo. The Chief Public Prosecutor praised a reward of 15,000 euros for the tip that finally resolves the case.

The assassination of Caroline van Toledo was also one of the 52 cases that featured on the coldcase calendar of 2017. According to the OM, the calendar did not contribute to the investigation.

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