Texel ferry has been demolished because buyers drop out

Ferry Schulpengat will soon be waiting for the demolition hammer. The ship operated for 26 years between Texel and Den Helder and was taken out of service last year. The carrier wanted to sell the ship, but could not find a buyer.

The Schulpengat was put into service in 1991 by carrier TESO (Texel's Own Steamboat Company). When a new ship arrived in 2006, the Doctor Wagemaker, the old ship was only used on busy days or during maintenance of the new ferry. With the Texelstroom, a new boat was added in 2016 and with that the role of the Schulpengat was almost finished.

Last year the ship was definitely taken out of service. In January of this year the ferry was used once more for a farewell ride.

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