Third suspect arrested firing Panorama building

No name appeared in the news as often (completely!) In the news as the Jos Brech wanted by the police. The question arises: can we continue to call the suspect in the Nicky Verstappen case as such, now that he has been officially arrested in Spain?

From last name to hobbies – we know a lot

You do not have to be an especially trained sleuth to get online details of Jos Brech: you might know that his father has ever died in heart surgery, he is an experienced 'bushcrafter' and he was suspect in 1985 in another sexual case . His external characteristics are no longer a secret: thanks to the tracing message we recognize the gray beard, brown eyes and dark green parka from thousands. When someone is actively searched, such information is of course of great value: you would just happen to recognize his or her appearance or name. Now that he has been arrested, it may be slightly different: the job is 'cleared' and the trial against the suspect can officially begin. 'Can we still call Jos by his complete surname, with a view to privacy?

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