This all happened on the weekend of the Giants – Friesland –

The inner city of Leeuwarden was hermetically closed to traffic during the weekend. Many catering companies in Leeuwarden reduced their menu because of the expected crowds.

Problems with public transport

The first day in the morning it was a challenge for many visitors to reach the city by public transport. Trains from Groningen were crowded at an early stage and Arriva skipped certain stations because of the crowds. A lot of buses were used to solve the problem. Arriva had deployed his trains 'maximum' and even had extra material from Limburg arriving to strengthen the Frisian lines.

Arriva kept extra shuttle buses for Saturday at train stations where Friday went wrong, but there were not big weather problems before.

Crowded at the station in Akkrum. PHOTO FRED VEENSTRA

Giant Showering

The Girl and the Dog Xolo awoke at ten o'clock on Friday morning at ten o'clock. An hour later the Diver landed on the Willemskade. From those places they started their journey through the city, where Het Meisje traveled by bicycle.

In the meantime they took a shower and the Girl showed her ballet skills. In the meantime, dog Xolo captured the hearts of the audience by brutally urinating against a scooter and taking children on his back.

Diver 'flies'

On Saturday the Girl and the Diver continued to wander through the city. One of the highlights of the day was the 'flying' of the Diver over the Vlietbrug. At noon the Diver held his afternoon nap at the Waag, where many people tried to catch a glimpse of the giant. They had plenty of time for that, because the Duiker only woke up an hour later than expected.

The Girl followed her route through the Harlingerstraatweg and stepped on the bus halfway.

The giants became Saturday reunited with the WTC, after which the Diver fell asleep with the Girl on his lap.


Giants waved goodbye

Sunday afternoon they were waved back by thousands of people when they left the city by boat over the Dokkumer Ee. The boat passed the Prinsentuin and sailed to Snakkerburen.

Sunday from mid-afternoon no trains to and from Friesland on the route Zwolle-Leeuwarden drove through a broken overhead at Meppel, which was over a length of 500 meters by a train. broken. The problems were so great that the NS called on the Giants to stay in the city for a while and not to come to the station. ProRail released a secondary track, so that train traffic towards Zwolle can start again. From 8:15 pm shuttle trains between Meppel and Zwolle will be available.


Giant weekend going well

According to Mayor Ferd Crone, the weekend went without calamities. However, some people became unwell. They have been treated by the first aid. "There were no injuries, no violent incidents," Crone said. ,, This was a family event, just like Serious Request and The Passion. ''

All articles about and images of the Royal de Luxe giants can be found in our file. On Monday the newspaper will see an appendix with the whole story of the Giants.

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