Throne speech: More people must share in prosperity NOW

That was what King Willem-Alexander put in the Throne speech on Tuesday.

The annual speech in which the government outlines the state of the country emphasized the great values ​​that the Netherlands stands for: equality, tolerance, freedom and legal certainty. "We have care, education and a roof over our heads," says the king.

For the sixth year in a row, the economy will grow in 2019. "As a result, the government debt will be lower and the Netherlands will be better prepared for future shocks." It is the intention that everyone in the Netherlands will notice that things are going better economically, emphasized Willem-Alexander. "People need to feel that politics is for everyone."

The Netherlands must make crucial choices in the coming years

At the same time, the country must make a number of crucial choices in the coming years. "There are many questions: can we and our children continue to take into account health care, education, a safe neighborhood, a clean living environment and a pension in the future?"

There are also people who are concerned about solidarity in society. "The question is: do we live sufficiently together and not side by side?" Looking for solutions to such issues requires cooperation on all fronts and in all sections of the population, the government states in the speech of the throne.

Lonely elderly people and integration receive extra attention

In his speech, the king addressed a number of vulnerable groups in particular, such as lonely and vulnerable elderly people. "We can not rest on the fact that half of the over-75s feel lonely," he said. "We also can not accept that people with problematic debts, people with confused behavior and a growing number of young homeless people will come to the edge of society."

The government is calling for broad coalitions with provinces, municipalities and local authorities to tackle these problems. Another subject that is given priority by the government is the integration of status holders. "In the proposals for a new integration system, permit holders can and must start working immediately and learn Dutch as quickly as possible, as work and language are the shortest route to full participation in society."

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