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Drunken is sitting on the toilet of the neighbors

ROTTERDAM – The police held a 41-year-old man from Rotterdam in Rotterdam on Sunday morning. What first looked like a double burglary, turned out to be a drunken action on closer inspection.

In a drunken state, the Rotterdammer went to his house in the Klaverstraat in Rotterdam-Zuid and could not find his keys. He punched a window at the neighbors, assuming it was his own house. He went into the house and, to make matters worse, jerked the alarm system off the wall, because it made such a noise. Then he went to his own home, also put a window in there and fell asleep until the police came.

When the police arrived, the sleeper told them that he was in the neighbor's bathroom that he was in the wrong house. Later on, he said he was greatly ashamed that he had entered a wrong house after going out. The man has declared that he will compensate for all the damage caused by the vomit.

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