Two tons for military personnel after being teased and misused

Victims of the harassment and abuse case at the Airmobile Brigade in Schaarsbergen received a compensation of 200,000 euros from the Ministry of Defense. Three soldiers would have been humiliated, intimidated and possibly even abused by their superiors during a de-greening ritual. Defense has compensated two of them with the tons of money.

This appears from documents that are in the criminal file against the nine suspects in this case, reports De Telegraaf. Trade union AFMP confirms that there is suitable, but does not go into the amount of compensation.

Finger pushed into an anus

The affair that took place five years ago with the army force revolves around intimidation, humiliation and possibly even abuse of three soldiers by their superiors. They have been bullied, they have been peed over them and during a greening ritual a finger has been pushed into an anus, according to internal Defense research.

According to AFMP chairman Anne-Marie Snels, it is not surprising that the case has already been settled by the criminal judge for possible treatment. ,, These boys have suffered serious personal injury. From the negotiations with the Defense organization, a settlement amount has been reached that is sufficient to cover the damage and make a new start in life possible. ''

The justice department is considering this week whether the nine suspects will be prosecuted.

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