Upper church in mourning but in good spirits about the future Urbanuskerk

AMSTELVEEN – The fire, which broke out last Saturday in the St. Urbanus Church, is still burnt on the Amstelveen retina. Especially in Bovenkerk the local residents are in shock, mourning has begun. But we are already working hard on reconstruction. Because that will happen, is certain.

The pastor of the church has no words for it. ,, I was eating at a restaurant around the corner, when I was suddenly tapped on my shoulder. The church was on fire, the best sir said. I could not believe it until I got in the car and saw the flames. Unbelievable.''

The church has recently been renovated. The architect of that time reacts with disbelief. "A disaster, this is really my baby. I remember very well when it was finished, now it feels like we are back to where we are. I am retiring now, but I have just come to see if I can help with a plan. For Friday the church has to be scaffolded, because they expect a lot of wind. ''

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